Environmental Sustainability


Club Chef continues to strive for ways to minimize our impact on the environment through maximized efficiencies and  increased conservation across all areas of our business.


Castellini Group of Companies has reduced their electricity usage in a number of ways including the installation of high R value insulation, investment in energy efficient equipment, implementation of energy efficient lighting, high tech refrigeration systems and high amp hour equipment batteries.


Club Chef recycles all cardboard, pallets, aluminum cans, waste oil, electronics and metal. In addition, 100% of waste refuse is diverted from landfills to local compost and made into re-usable byproducts.


Castellini Group operates a fleet of tractors with low emission engines that run on 100% Ultra-low sulfur fuel. We have also invested in auxiliary power units to help reduce engine idle time on our tractor fleet, while maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the cab for our PeopleNet Performance - GPS Technologydrivers.

All tractors are equipped with PeopleNet GPS technology to monitor among other things, miles per gallon and operator driving patterns, all in an effort to operate more efficiently.

Water Conservation

Club Chef utilizes floats in their process flumes to manage water flow, successfully reducing water usage by 75,000 gallons per day.


We have increased the reusability of our inbound lettuce bins from 4 uses to 8 uses by implementing thicker sidewalls and bottoms.


We have an unparalleled distribution network, assuring exceptional service. All freight is monitored with state-of-the- art satellite technology to track the progress of each truck.

Market Conditions

Market and weather conditions are always changing. Club Chef provides the current conditions to their customers.