Food Safety

Food Safety is the #1 priority across all of our programs. This emphasis starts at the field and harvesting levels. Club Chef only works with suppliers that adhere to the most rigorous industry and regulatory standards, including Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and the Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement (LGMA).

We have a fully dedicated Field Food Safety Team that covers all growing regions and seasons.

Some of our team’s key functions:

  • Facilitate Supplier approval process for current and potential suppliers
  • Perform Pre-Planting, Pre-Harvest and Harvesting risk assessments
    • Focus on proper field conditions, machine process conditions and employee hygiene and practices
  • Auditing and verification of 3rd party audits
  • Ensure proper handling, cooling and storage prior to shipment
  • Verify all required microbiological testing

Processing Plant Food Safety

Our fully refrigerated processing and storage facility boasts the most advanced wash and sanitation systems and all products are produced under continuously monitored HACCP controls. Our culture of Food Safety and Quality starts with our pre-requisite program that includes GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Employees are trained in all aspects of GMP practices including proper handling, hygiene, sanitation and attire. Initial and on-going training is the key to ensuring the safest product to our customers.

Food Safety Programs

  • Professional Quality Assurance team
    • Performs incoming inspections on all products coming into the plant for production with emphasis on Food Safety, Quality and Food Defense
    • Continuous monitoring process control parameters, performing product evaluations and microbiological testing
    • Internal audit programs
  • Sanitation
    • Sanitation effectiveness monitored through a robust environmental and microbiological testing program
  • Traceability and Food Defense
    • We ensure full lot traceability from the field to end user
    • Truck seal verification
    • Driver Identification Program
  • Customer Service Team
    • Provide comprehensive Customer support both at the Distribution and Customer level, including end user visits and education
    • Monitor full retain process and shelf life evaluations
  • Program Verification-All food safety programs are verified through the following
    • Global Food Safety Initiative, SQF-Level II(Safe Quality Food) Certifications
    • 3rd party audits
    • Customer specific audits
    • Regulatory audits


We have an unparalleled distribution network, assuring exceptional service. All freight is monitored with state-of-the- art satellite technology to track the progress of each truck.

Market Conditions

Market and weather conditions are always changing. Club Chef provides the current conditions to their customers.